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Ayurveda, Yoga, Siddha systems were developed for the management of health and treatment of diseases following a holistic approach. Regimens for body & mind along with medicines will provide a complete cure for a disease as well as helps to promote health. In our Kalari center, we follow the treatments purely based on this concept.

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Marma Chikitsa is highly significant in treating injuries like dislocation, fracture and sprain. Treatments are provided for acute and chronic types of injuries. Traditional treatment modalities and peculiar medicinal preparations will helps in fast recovery and to reduce complications.

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Overweight always makes people further lazy and develops a feeling of inferiority. A combination of exercises in Kalaripayattu – Yoga modules along with internal and external medications gives a desirable effect. Restrictions on food and regimens pay a key role in the result of treatment and so the cooperation of patient is highly significant.

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Internal Medicines and Kalari-treatments included in Marma chikitsa will provide fast recovery from disabilities of limbs. The strength and muscle tone can be regained by proper follow up. Kalari-exercises and therapeutic yoga is also included in treatment schedule.

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Pain over low back is quiet common with job related strain and traveling. Also sportsmen can develop such complaints during practice which are all related to nervous system. Another important causative factor is injury. Range of treatment available in Kalari chikitsa depends on condition, which includes external therapies and internal medicines, provided with therapeutic yoga.

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Sprain of neck is common due to improper positions and strenuous exercises. While pain of neck static to the cervical region, may radiate towards hands can happen due to nerve compression. Those who work a lot on sitting posture and more active with the hands are usually developed to this condition. Application of oil to head and neck along with external massage concentrated on Marma points gives fast relief. Internal medicines and therapeutic yoga will be used as a part of treatment.

AROGYA RAKSHA (Rejuvenation for healthy living):
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Concept of protection of health is given prime importance in Ayurveda. For a healthy person it is important to maintain his/her health and for a patient it is necessary to regain his/her health after afflicting a disease. We provide kalari-chikitsa which is addressed to promote health and to protect health, which was practiced through generations. The medicines formulated and treatments administered by following kalari tradition.

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Health is defined as harmonious blend of mind, body and consciousness. Kalaritatwam leads you to an introductory session of traditional practices of kalaripayattu. Details

  • 2 months duration
  • Ritualistic Initiation
  • Meythari – Training
  • Uzhichil – Body conditioning

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Ayurveda deals with protection of health and treatment for diseases. SwasthyaRaksha deals with three pillars of life – FOOD(Ahara), SLEEP (Nidra) &HABITS (Brahmacharya). Details - - - Meditation Yoga - Ayurvedic detoxification

  • 21 days duration
  • Food regimen
  • Meditation
  • Ayurvedic detoxification

Treatments are also provided for Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma and Skin diseases.

Treatment Packages:

Saptaham (Normal) :7 days (additional 2 days required)
- Treatment include Kizhi/Uzhichil and scheduled Kalaripayattu - Yoga training.
- One day for purgation and one day for rest.

Dwisaptaham: 14 days (additional 2 days required)
- Treatment include Kizhi, Uzhichil and scheduled Kalaripayattu - Yoga training.
- One day for purgation and one day for rest.

Trisaptaham: 21 days (additional 2 days required)
- Treatment include Kizhi, Uzhichil and scheduled Kalaripayattu - Yoga training.
- One day for purgation and one day for rest.

NOTE: All the packages included with treatment, food and provided accommodation. Treatments are fixed only after consultation because, according to Ayurveda each patient is considered individually and treatment plan also may differ from a person to other. Strict diet restrictions has to be followed during treatment period avoiding traveling and any sort of physical exertions other than recommended by doctors. Food menu and other precautions while undergoing a specific treatment course will be advised by consultant doctor. Cooperation of patient is very much necessary for the success of treatment.

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